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Back in the clubs!! 

Well, it's been awhile, but back playing inside and outside the clubs in New Orleans!! Palmetto Bug Stompers have their weekly Sunday gig at dba, Tin Men are back weekly on Wednesdays at dba. The Washboard Chaz Blues Trio and Washboard Rodeo will be picking up some shows in the future. Come out and support live music, but remember, y'all must be vaccinated to get in. See ya soon!!

Well, We got Gigs!! 

Things are getting back to a somewhat new normal.The Blues Trio is back at The Spotted Cat every Friday. Yes, we have our weekly gig back! Palmetto Bug Stompers also got our weekly gig back at dba on Sundays. dba helped out a lot of it's weekly bands during the pandemic with street gigs and a new outdoor venue across the street in the old Art Market. Washboard Rodeo is getting back in the swing of things with shows at Spotted Cat and more to be named later. Tin Men are back in action in August at MRB and unannounced, at this time, shows at dba. Palmetto Bug Stompers, Tin Men and Washboard Chaz Blues Trio are all in French Quarter Fest and The Blues Trio and Da Bugs are in Jazz Fest! The Earthtones are back at Jazz Fest also, with both festivals happening in October! Whew, going to be a busy fall, hope to see ya somewhere and check the event page for all the shows, times, etc.

Back at the gigs!! 

Well, after a crazy year of pandemics, politics and woe, I got gig!!! I'm playing around town (New Orleans) and going back to Telluride Bluegrass Festival!  Yep, after 28 years , I'll be there for the second weekend doing in between acts performances and sitting in with some old friends. My gig schedule will be up on the shows portion of the website, hope to see y'all at the shows. It's been awhile!

Back after a year and 8 days!! 

Hi Folks,      Been staying low this last year, doing all the things to be safe. Got both vaccines awhile ago, so feeling better about getting back to the new normal. Played a few outdoor, online shows,but but waiting some more before indoor shows. Keep y'all updated. Hope everybody came through the pandemic ok and we mourn the ones that didn't. Stay tuned, new recording news, new band member, maybe another stab at an old project. Be well!

It's a new world!! 

Well, hi folks!! A lot has changed since I last wrote 2 months ago. All kinds of workers in all kinds of jobs have lost their means of income.  Covid 19 has killed thousands and thousands around the world. Let's all be safe and follow the advice of the REAL experts on this and hopefully we can all survive this. So, go to the websites of your favorite bands, restaurants, artists, relief help and donate, buy merch, get takeout, help feed folks. Together we will get through this. See y'all when it's safe to play again. I'll for sure, let ya know.

It's Carnival Time!! 

Happy Mardi Gras folks!!! All my bands regular shows are happening. Saturday Feb. 8, Blues Trio at Blue Nile, come by and sit awhile during Krewe De Vieux!. Tin Men playing a pre parade party that Saturday at Bywater Bakery, with lots of great bands. Sea shanties with Valparaiso Men's Chorus at Saturn Bar Sunday before Fat Tuesday!. NEWS FLASH - Palmetto Bug Stompers and Washboard Chaz Blues Trio are playing Jazz Fest this year! I'll also will be playing with Glenn Hartman and Earthtones!!. ALSO, Da Bugs, Blues Trio and Tin Men will be performing for French Quarter Fest!! We'll be working on some new songs, guest artists, so come on down and see what's shaking!!!

Happy 2020!! 

Happy New Year!! Another year (decade?) of great music for y'all. All my bands regular gigs are jumping in 2020! Tin Men will be at Bywater Bakery for 12th night (Jan. 6) with a bunch of cool bands. There will be some Jazz Fest and French Quarter Fest announcements coming up, stay tuned!! I'll be with guitar maestro, John Rankin, Jan.21. Hope to see ya in da clubs sometime!!!

Holiday Season in New Orleans 

Well, it finally is fall here in New Orleans. All my bands have their cool regular shows. I'll be with John Rankin at City Park Nov. 14, always a fun show. Tin Men will once again be a part of Harrah's Miracle on Fulton Street Nov. 29. It's a fun family event, so bring the kids!!! If ou're thinking of holiday gifts, I have t shirts and cs galore!! Hope to see you at some shows!!!

Fall in New Orleans 

It's almost fall here, but it's still HOT!! All my bands are at their regular gigs, especially Tin Men after 2 months off. Tin Men will be taping for ESPN, look for us on Saints game promo for Sept 9 opening game. I'll make 70 this month, might be a party at 9/21 Blue Nile show! So come on down to the clubs and support live music!!!

Summer Time and the living is NOT EASY!! 

Hey, Hey, heating up here in New Orleans. Good thing our shows are in the confines of cool air!! Blues Trio have their regular gigs with harmonica man, Bruce "Sunpie" Barnes joining us 6/28,29 and 7/6 until Andy back from Italy. Palmetto Bugs every Sunday at dba. Washboard Rodeo at Three Muses 7/8 with new start time of 7pm. Tin Men have gig at dba 7/3, then off to Oshkosh Wi and Minneapolis 7/12-14. Alex gone last 3 Wednesdays in July, so Matt and I will have special guests at dba. Tin Men off all August, so come check us out soon. On a personal note, Jessica and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary! Time flies by when you're living life!! Stay well AND HOPE TO SEE YA SOMEWHERE!!

Fest Season!! 

Well, it's happening in New Orleans! French Quarter Fest happening right now. Tin Men played already and Washboard Chaz Blues Trio on Saturday and Palmetto Bug Stompers on Sunday. Jazz Fest looms with Tin Men playing second Thursday (now a locals day with cheap tix) and Glenn Hartman and Earthtones first Sunday! All my bands have their regular gigs with weddings, private parties and outdoor shows thrown in! No traveling plans yet, but checking things out and will keep you informed. Hope to see y'all in New Orleans this season!!

It's Carnival Seaon! Happy Mardi Gras! 

Well, it's Carnival time and getting ready for Mardi Gras. Tin Men are at Jazz fest again this year on second Thursday, aka Stones day! Also, I'll be there with Glenn Hartman and Earthtones the first Sunday. Tin Men, Washboard Chaz Blues Trio and Palmetto Bug Stompers are all in French Quarter Fest this year> For my Japaneses fans, I'm coming over! I'll be performing at a benefit for sick kids and three club dates with Steve Gardner Band, Been awhile since I've been, glad to come back and play for everybody. all my bands have their regular shows. Looking forward to Saints in Super Bowl (hopefully as I write this), Mardi Gras, Japan tour, weekly gigs, festivals, life in general!! Hope to see your face in the pace!!

It's been awhile!! 

Been awhile since I posted, so let's catch up. My washboard is in the drumsville exhibit at Jazz Museum on Esplanade It's really cool, with a lot of artifacts from 1901 to the present. My bands played weddings, rehearsal dinners conventions and parties, along with our regular gigs. We were busy!! Slowing down a little bit after Thanksgiving, but my bands all have their regular shows.Tin Men will be at Fulton Street for their Christmas shows, then next day at Bricolage School (where my granddaughter goes) for their fundraiser. Both shows are family friendly, so bring the kids! Pretty soon, I'll be posting Jazz fest shows and an overseas trip, so stay tuned!! Happy Holidays to all my fans out there and hope to see y'all soon!!

Fall Shows 

Well, what is called fall has arrived!! Still hot though, ha, ha!  All my bands have their regular shows. Tin Men return from our hiatus back to dba and also have some benefits and weddings in Sept and Oct. Blues Trio will be performing at Crescent City Blues Fest in Oct. I'll have couple of shows with John Rankin, one at City Park. I have a wedding with Shotgun Jazz Band. Always fun for me to play with other bands! Football season is here. Come to dba for Saints' victory parties with Da Bugs every Sunday!! See ya in the place!!

Still Hot!! 

Yes, it's still way hot here in New Orleans, but I'm coming north. I'll be at Centrum Blues Workshop in Pt. Townsend Washington July 30 - Aug. 4. I'll be teaching washboard, playing with some old and new friends. Tin Men will be taking Wednesdays off in August from dba, but we have a couple of private events and a quick trip to Crested Butte Colorado! Da Bugs, Blues Trio and Rodeo all have their regular gigs. There will be reduced prices at many restaurants, so you out of towners come spend a weekend and hear some tunes and eat some food!!

Summer time shows! 

I got a last minute show with Sarah Quintana at Chickie Wah Wah June 26! Real excited about this, we've been talking about doing a gig together for awhile now. Tin Men are at Fitzgerald's in Chicago and then at Water Fest in Oshkosh, Wi. After that, all my bands have their regular gigs in town, with Blues Trio having some with guest artists. So, hope to see some locals out to the shows and out of towners, everything is cheaper, so make a trip to see us!

Hot fun in the summertime! 

Summer has hit here in New Orleans!! All my bands have their regular gigs in the cool night club air! Tin Men will be outside at Fulton Street Summer Series and also at our annual trip to Oshkosh Wisconsin!! We'll also be at Fitzgerald's in Chicago, so hope to see our Midwest fans out!! Palmetto Bugs Stompers return to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art for their Thursday Music Series, so bring the kids for visual and musical artistic expression!! Washboard Rodeo has the last Monday in June at Three Muses.  Da Buga and  Tin Men have new recordings out and they are selling like hotcakes. Check my website, tinmenmusic,com and to get yours sent to you or  pick one up at the shows!

Post Jazz Fest 

Whew, what a great Jazz Fest! Tin Men performed great and got a favorable review in Rolling Stone magazine. Earthtones returned in action at the Kids tent. Lots of night gigs with Blues Trio, Da Bugs, Washboard Rodeo and Tin Men. May is rocking! all my bands have their regular shows. I'll be guest artist with John Rankin and also with Marc Stone and John Mooney. Blues Trio has a show at World War 2 Museum and I'll be with Linnzi Zaorski at Starlight. It's getting hot, time to come into a cool club and hear some music!!

Gearing up for festival season 

Starting to warm up in the crescent city!! The Blues Trio is now at Spotted Cat on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. We're still at Blue Nile every Saturday and some new places around Frenchmen. The Palmetto Bug Stompers new cd Is out and selling well at our dba Sunday shows. Tin Men's newest should be released before French Quarter Fest. All three of these bands will be at French Quarter Fest. Washboard Rodeo won't be there, but we'll  be at Three Muses the Monday after. I'll be busy with instores at Louisiana Music Factory, private parties, festivals and club shows. Hope to see your smiling face in da place!!

Changes, monarchy and cold!!! 

Wow, it's cold here in New Orleans, low of 18 degrees!! The season of carnival is heating up though. First, a change in weekly schedule. The Blues Trio will now be the second and fourth Friday of each month at Spotted Cat starting in February. We'll be looking for gigs on Frenchmen for the other Fridays, so stay tuned. Big News, I will be King of Krewe of Delusion!! We'll parade on Jan 27 after Krewe de Vieux through the Marigny. Go their website for all the info about dinner, after party, etc. All my other weekly shows will be happening, plus Washboard Rodeo and a cool gig with John Rankin. Major announcements about French Quarter Fest and Jazz Fest coming soon. Tin Men and Palmetto Bug Stompers cds are close to coming out, will keep ya posted. Hope to see ya at the shows, come up and say hi!! Happy Carnival y'all!!!

Winter has arrived!! 

It's cold out today, getting ready for the holidays!!  All my bands have their regular gigs this month. Tin Men will be playing some Christmas songs at Fulton Street on Dec. 16 Tin Men  and Palmetto Bug Stompers new cds should be out soon. Hope to see you at the shows and have a safe and happy holiday season!!

Fun in October 

September is coming to an end and October has lots of fun ahead. Washboard Rodeo will be performing at New Orleans Swing Dance Festival Oct 1 at Ace Hotel. I'll be going to Spokane to play with Hot Club of Spokane  and a separate gig with Hawkeye Herman. Looking forward to these gigs as Spokane hosted members of the Bugs years ago for some great shows and Hawkeye is an old friend from Mississippi Valley Blues Fest days. Tin Men go in to record our new cd mid October with some new originals and some surprises. Sea shanties with Valparaiso Men's Chorus will be happening at Saturn Bar and also a private event. Have gigs with old pals Linnzi Zaorski and John Rankin, then off to Barbados for our annual well deserved vacation. In between, all my bands regular gigs will be happening when I'm not booked elsewhere. Hope to see ya at one or more of these fun shows!!

Still Hot!! 

As we head into September, it's still hot in New Orleans! Doesn't stop us from all our regular gigs because there is cool air in all! Tin Men will be back at dba on Wednesdays, Da Bugs will be off the first Sunday of the month at dba, then back for the rest of the month, Blues Trio at Spotted Cat and Blue Nile keep on chugging along. Mixing Palmetto Bug Stompers cd and sounding great. Will be out by November, in time for Christmas presents! Lots of cds and shirts available online, so check them out here. See ya soon!!

Hot Times in the City!! 

Well, had a great time in Italy and Switzerland with Paul Venturi and the Junkers. I'll be with them next summer over there for sure! Back in da heat! Blues Trio's Spotted Cat and Blue Nile keep right on chugging along. Tin Men take Wednesday off for August, but will be at dba a couple of Sundays at 9. Palmetto Bug Stompers hitting at dba on Sundays an hour earlier (5). New music from da Bugs waiting to be mixed, Tin Men threatening a new recording, possible Washboard Rodeo new offering.... lots of balls in the air. It's hot, clubs a little slower, hotels and restaurants a little cheaper, if you're from out of town, might as well come and be in town! Locals, Frenchmen not too crowded, so hope to see your face in da place!

On the move in June! 

Summer has hit New Orleans and time to get out of town for a bit. Tin Men will be in Chicago at Space and at our annual show in Osh Kosh, both with Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show. A few days later, I'm of to Europe for shows in Italy and Switzerland with Paul Venturi and the Junkers. The Blues Trio performs at the Tomato Fest in New Orleans. Palmetto Bugs Stompers are in the studio recording their fifth cd. Sounding great, so far, and look for a release late 2017. Blues Trio and Da Bugs have some regular gigs in June. Come July we'll all be here in New Orleans, sweating it out with y'all. See you at the clubs and festivals!!