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Summer in New Orleans 

Well, it's hot down south. Da Bugs and Tin Men will have their weekly shows at dba all summer. The Blues Trio have some gigs around town. Tin Men will begin a Monday residency at Fritzel's European Jazz Club starting June 10. Hope to see you at some of our air condition shows!

Heading into Fest season 

Well,  Mardi Gras was great and now getting geared up for Fest season!  Tin Men, Washboard Chaz Blues Trio and Palmetto Bug Stompers are all playing French Quarter Fest in April. Tin men, palmetto Bug Stompers are also playing Jazz Fest. I'll be playing with Dr. Michael White's Tribute to Johnny Dodds at Jazz Fest also! Tin Men and Da Bugs are weekly at dba. The Blues Trio is at Three Muses the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month. Looking forward to see y'all somewhere!!

Cruising into winter 

Tin Men had great shows on the inaugural Big Easy Cruise in November. Our new release, Hit It, is out on cd, Bandcamp, cdbaby  and Palmetto Bug Stompers cd is finally out and sounding good! Long time, beloved owner, Tom Thayer, sold to dba to a consortium of Frenchmen Street club owners and they're keeping it pretty much the same. The Bugs and Tin Men will continue our our weekly Sunday and Wednesdays respectively with Tin Men to going to 8:30. Washboard Chaz Blues Trio now has  the second and fourth Thursdays of every month at Three Muses! Good to be back on Frenchmen regularly. Hopefully, we'll have some Jazz Fest and French Quarter Fest news to share, but until then, see y'all somewhere!!


Well, it's finally cooled off some and the gigs are coming back! Palmetto Bug Stompers and Tin Men are back weekly at dba. Shows at Capulet, MRB, Pirogues Whiskey Bayou and Buffa's have been ongoing and great. Tin Men are set for the inaugaral Big Easy Cruise Nov. 4-11and our new recording will be out in various formats. Da Bugs cd will be out soon, working on minor changes on the artwork. Hope to see ya at the gigs!!

It's Hot!! 

It's hot, the gigs are summertime few, but hanging in tyhere. I will be back in Pt. Townsend, WA teaching washboard at Centrum's Acoustic Blues Workshop from Aug 1 - 5.  Tin Men will be on the first Big Easy Cruise Nov. 4-11. This going to be fun with a lot of New Orleans on board. Clubs changing hands, closing for August and some for good makes it hard to figure out some gigs for the fall, but have a few at local neighborhood bars this summer. Stay cool with some inside shows, keep live music alive!

Jazz Fest Baby!!! 

Well, had some great shows at French Quarter Fest, but now comes the daddy of them all. I'll be at Jazz Fest, 2nd weekend, with Glenn Hartman and Earth Tones and Tin Men. There are regular shows, some private parties, benefit all through Jazz Fest and beyond. Hope to see y'all somewhere!!

Getting busy! 

Hi Folks,   Carnival is upon us and fest season not far behind. Tin Men and Palmetto Bug Stompers are still weekly at dba. Washboard Chaz Blues Trio is playing at clubs around town and soon Washboard Rodeo also. Da Bugs and Blues Trio are in French Quarter Fest, but sadly not Tin Men! We'll be doing an add on show at dba Friday April 14 for you out of towners and locals. Working on new music from Da Bugs and Tin Men to be out soon, hopefully!

Shows are happening 

Well, I've finally updated my gigs here, been lacking in that department. Shows are coming back, weekly with Tin Men and Palmetto Bug Stompers. Some Blues Trio scattered here and there, plus Washboard Rodeo with a mechanical bull! Tin Men working on a new recording, some originals, some classic covers with that Tin Men touch. Should be out in some form (digital, cd, eventually vinyl) by end of year. Hope y'all are well and we'll see ya at the gigs!

Colorado hear I come 

Hey Folks, been off the website for awhile now, using thaat damn Face Book. I'll be heading out to Gold Hill Colorado to be a part of The Gold Hill Inn's 60th  celebration. That's right, this family owned restaurant has been serving fine dining at 8000 feet for 60 years! Saturday August 13, I'll start off with my old friend , Blues Man John Long. It's been 23 since we played together, can't wait. Then, Dan Sadowsky, Dan and Chaz, will be performing some hits from the legendary Ophelia Swing that were primary members of. There will be a few surprise guests on this one. Closing out the night is Mollie O'Brien and Rich Moore. Mollie was a member of Prosperity Jazz Band with me in early 80's.I'll play couple songs with them, then we close out the night with big time jam and singalong. Sunday will be David "The Captain" Booker, we'll be reprising our duo tour of Holland we did way back when. Next is Joe McLerran Family Band featuring Rob McLerran. Rob and I go back to my first band in Boulder, The Earthbirds, and a couple more after that. Rob's son Joe and grandson John Lee fill out the band. Closing out the Fest is Rampart Street Brass Bad from Denver. I'll be playing some with them, they specialize in New Orleans brass band music. Whew!, it's gonna be fun, kinda like a Last Waltz, as I probably won't play with most of these folks again. Special guests sprinkled throughout will be Fly McClard, Duane Webster, Marguerite Juenemann of Rare Silk fame. Not much else happening back home in New Orleans in August, as a lot of clubs close or restrict music for August. as it's really slow then.I'll do a better job of updating in the future. You can buy merch on this site, it'll keep me out of the poor house! Be safe,bee well and se y'all somewhere

Fest season coming! 

Hi Folks, Festival season is almost here. Blues Trio, Tin Men and Da Bugs all will playing French Quarter Fest. Blues Trio, Da Bugs and Earth Tones will all be at Jazz Fest. Playing For Change Band also plays Jazz Fest, so I might play with them some. Working on getting Washboard Rodeo back at Three Muses, but the other three bands are all at their regular weekly shows. Their will be updates on possible Tin Men shows in Philly in June. I'll be coming back to Colorado in August to play with a bunch of old friends and bandmates, stay tuned for that.  Hope to see y'all at some shows.  It's been a long, tough two years, but were back!

"THE preeminent blues musician heralding from New Orleans, LA."

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