Fun in October

September is coming to an end and October has lots of fun ahead. Washboard Rodeo will be performing at New Orleans Swing Dance Festival Oct 1 at Ace Hotel. I'll be going to Spokane to play with Hot Club of Spokane  and a separate gig with Hawkeye Herman. Looking forward to these gigs as Spokane hosted members of the Bugs years ago for some great shows and Hawkeye is an old friend from Mississippi Valley Blues Fest days. Tin Men go in to record our new cd mid October with some new originals and some surprises. Sea shanties with Valparaiso Men's Chorus will be happening at Saturn Bar and also a private event. Have gigs with old pals Linnzi Zaorski and John Rankin, then off to Barbados for our annual well deserved vacation. In between, all my bands regular gigs will be happening when I'm not booked elsewhere. Hope to see ya at one or more of these fun shows!!