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Happy New YEAR!! 

Hope y’all had a good New Year’s celebration.  All my bands regular gigs are happening this month. Washboard Rodeo is at Three Muses. The Blues Trio’s new gig at 21st Amendment is working out really well. We are booked there on Tuesdays through February, so come on down to the Quarter. Tin Men go in the studio at the end of the month to work on our next cd. The Blues Trio live cd should be out late February. Also, will have some announcements about French Quarter and Jazz fests coming up!

Holiday Season!! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I got a busy December coming up. Da Bugs, Tin Men and Blues Trio all have their weekly gigs. The Blues Trio has Tuesdays in December at a new venue, 21st Amendment, at 727 Iberville. Cool, small bar, come see us at our new early show. Tin Men play Freret Street Market and have a 10pm opening set for Walter “Wolfman” Washington New Year’s Eve at dba. Washboard Rodeo kicks off the month at Three Muses. Have a safe, happy holiday season and hope to see you at the gigs!


Hi everybody!! Had a jolly good time in London, then came back and played for the Lindy Hoppers with Da Bugs! Taking a little a vacation break in October, then back for Halloween at Spotted Cat. November looks good, all my bands are working at our regular gigs. The Blues Trio will once again play for the runners at the Jazz Half Marathon Benefit for Children’s Hospital on Nov. 1. See ya at the clubs and running in the streets!

Almost end of summer! 

Lot of cool stuff happening in the weeks to come. The Blues Trio will record a live album on Friday August 22 at Spotted Cat. All the songs from the 5 cds have evolved over the years and it’s time to hear them live at our favorite venue. Tin Men play a private party in Philadelphia in September with our Wednesday night partners at dba, Walter “Wolfman” Washington! Chaz will be heading to London in September with an all star cast of New Orleans musicians to perform a week of shows at a private party at Lou Lou’s. The Bugs keep the dancers happy at dba on Sundays and Rodeo is at Three Muses in August and September. The Blues Trio (Spotted Cat, Blue Nile) and Tin Men (dba) hold down their weekly gigs, so I hope to see ya somewhere!

Summertime Blues 

Well, it’s still hot here in Nawlins and my bands are staying hot also. July 27 – August 3, I will be giving a washboard workshop at Centrum Acoustic Blues Workshop in Pt. Townsend, Washington. This will be my 3rd time there and I really look forward to seeing my old and new students, along with new and old faculty friends. Tin Men just shot a part in a new Nicolas Cage movie “The Runner”. We’ll be back at dba for our weekly Wednesday show starting August 6. The Bugs and Blues Trio  keep rolling with our weekly gigs. The Blues Trio will be recording our first live record Aug 22 at Spotted Cat. Come on down and be a part of the cd! Washboard Rodeo have our Three Muses gig and also will be at Maison for a Fais Do Do. Come out for that with some great dancing. Hope to see you in the cool clubs for some hot music!

Summer is here! 

Well, my bands had a great festival season with lots of gigs. Tin Men will be in northern New Jersey for Crawfish Fest May 30, along with our regular Wednesdays at dba. Da Bugs keep their Sunday slot at dba hopping for the dancers. The Blues Trio is at Tomato  Fest June 7, along with our regular gigs at Spotted Cat and Blue Nile. Washboard Rodeo will be at Three Muses at the end of June. I had some recent surgery on my middle finger that was successful  and looking forward to being back at 100%!. So, come on out folks. It slows down a bit in the summer, but the locals and out of towners keep  New Orleans happening. See you soon!

Here Comes Jazz Fest! 

Tin Men had a great tour of Japan, good shows, with lots of people and cd sales. Now it’s Jazz  Fest time. All my bands will be playing somewhere. There will be the weekly shows, plus different add on days. Check the shows calendar here. Hope to see you out and about!

Europe Summer Tour 

It was a very successful Europe summer tour and now back in the states.

Also, I’ll be in Oshkosh, Wi. with Paul Sanchez and his Rolling Road Show. Then off to Colorado for Labor Day at Jax Fish House and the Gold Hill Inn. Lastly, Washboard Rodeo comes together September 2nd at Mimi’s.

Hope to see you! See my gigs page for full details! Note: No Wednesdays at dba until Sept. 8 when Tin Men return

5 Year Anniversary of Katrina 

Well, we made it through the 5 year anniversary of Katrina and all my bands are busy this month. September marks the return of Tin Men to dba on Wednesdays and Washboard Rodeo has three gigs this September! Palmetto Bug Stompers are playing for the Lindy Hoppers at the end of the month and The Blues Trio starts September in Colorado and ends in the studio to record our 5th (wow!) cd. Hope to see your face in the place!
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